Enjoyment from the Philippines

Enjoyment from the Philippines

This was a wonderful and eye opening trip to see the Body and the Lord’s move in the Philippines. The saints were very hospitable and constantly seeking fellowship with the visiting saints. What impressed me the most was the saints’ love towards the Lord, their love towards the church and the other saints. Christ and the church is above everything else. Although many of them are busy with work, life and the church life, fellowship with the saints is still their priority. The saints regularly come together in small groups throughout the week and care for one another, as well as coming together for further blending. I really enjoyed being in the small group with saints from all age groups. Each and every age group has riches to share.

“Wherever I go, I can smell the loving ointment the saints have poured out upon the Lord Jesus.”

Although the traffic in the Philippines is a serious issue (it can take them 1-2 hours to travel 10km), they still aspire to come together and to be punctual. Additionally, even though there is a large difference in socio-economic status among the saints,  their living and attitude toward Christ and the church is the same; coordinating, serving together and caring for the saints and man’s salvation. I also enjoy how earnest they are in the exercising of their spirit! There is just such an atmosphere of exercising their spirit and pursuing the Lord. Surely I can testify that wherever I go, I can smell the loving ointment the saints have poured out upon the Lord Jesus.

There is such a strong atmosphere of caring for and cherishing one another. With the grandparents caring for the middle-aged, the middle-aged caring for the young working ones, the young working ones caring for the campus students, campus students caring for the highschoolers and the highschoolers caring for the children. It’s such a healthy and sweet church life.

– E.T.

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