Our Meetings

The Christian life is not an independent life but a corporate life of enjoyment and pursuing the Lord. When we meet together it is not out of obligation or duty, but out of a desire to encourage each other and to know the Lord more. Our stage of life, spiritual maturity or culture are not barriers to meeting one another and we have a variety of meetings to suit everyone.

Bible Studies

Studying in groups can give us further enlightenment and enjoyment of the Lord’s word. When we corporately study, others can offer their experiences of the word to make our understanding clearer and deeper. Bible studies offer a supportive and nourishing environment for us to learn and enjoy with others.

The Lord’s Table

This is the most important meeting of our week! We come together to remember and worship our Lord Jesus by eating the bread and drinking the fruit of the vine which symbolises His Body broken for us and His blood shed for us. Then, we praise and adore God, our Father, who has made us His many children.

Following the Lord’s supper, everyone has an opportunity to share their personal enjoyment from the word and experiences of the Lord from the week. By the practice of each member functioning we can corporately build up the church.

Children’s Service

It is important for children to develop a proper character when they are young so that they can become useful vessels to God. In the children’s meeting, we help them to build good habits. We also teach them to know about God in His creation and through His Word.

We believe that from a young age it is important for children to have a personal relationship with the Lord. In our children’s service we aim to guide the children to love, know and enjoy the Lord.

Prayer Meeting

Without prayer the Lord cannot have His way. Individual prayer is important but corporate prayer is also essential in a normal Christian life and it also encourages the other members. We are strengthened and encouraged as we not only pray for the church, but also each other and the other members of the body.

Group Meetings

In the Bible, we see the early believers coming together in homes. Gathering together in each other’s home provides a warm and nurturing atmosphere where we get to know one another and open up our concerns to one another so we can pray for each other.

We enjoy the Lord Jesus in His word and through our singing praises to Him. We welcome all who seek to know and enjoy the Lord Jesus.

Youth Meetings

For many individuals, the transition from a child to a young adult is one that involves making decisions for themselves. We want the young people (high school and university students) to come to decide that the Lord is their God.

Here high-schoolers and campus students gather together to sing, read the Bible and fellowship in a welcoming and homely environment. This enriches their experience of the Lord in their youth.

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